IED Battle Drill Simulator

IEDBD - Mechanical Room
IEDBD - Control Room
IEDBD - Transport
IEDBD - Tent

Commissioned by the Department of Defense, Technifex engineered and fabricated a mobile training simulator designed to teach U.S. troops how to identify potential Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threats.

The IED Battle Drill simulator consists of a 6 degree of freedom motion-base, with military HMMWV, that also utilizes numerous special effects, all timed to a film shown on a 270º screen. The mobile simulator also includes mechanical system and control rooms.

  • Technifex Scope of Work: Concept Design, Engineering & Fabrication
  • Client: Joint IED Defeat Organization in Cooperation with the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
  • Media Production: RL Leaders – IEDBD Concept and Creative Development, Program Management, War-Fighter Training and System Operator
  • Location: Various
  • Opened: 2009