Water Features and Effects

Valhalla - Water Tunnel
Choctaw Casino - Water Wall
Galaxy - Iconic Lobby Feature
Fort Worth Zoo - Rain Curtain
Dakota Dunes - Custom Flowscreen
Universal Studios - Water Tunnel
Fantasmic Water Feature
Niagara's Fury Waterfall Test
Kennywood - Flooding Room
Pirate Cannon
Titanic - Flooding Room
Oxnard Fountain
Water Feature - Blacklight Waterfall - Water  Column
Water Feature Filtration System
Water Feature Pump System

Whether it’s a stream or lake, a fountain or pool, people have a natural affinity for water. At Technifex, we understand how to build on that deep-seated appeal by producing fountains and Water Features and Water Special Effects that attract customers into your facility and keep them returning again and again.

  • Fountains
  • Water Tunnels
  • Flooding Effects
  • Rain Curtains
  • Water Blasts
  • Overhead Water Spritzers
  • Waterscreens
  • Waterfalls
  • Interactive Water Park Features
  • Pump and Filtration Systems
  • Variable Pattern Nozzle (VPN)
  • Water Web™