Lighting Effects

2002 Olympics - Fiber optics in Ice
Projection on Water
Plasma Balls
Laser and Mee Fog
Fiber Optic Fireworks
Fiber Optic Fireworks and Blacklight Painting
Fiber Optics and LCD Panels
Fiber Optic Lighting
Fiber Optic and Black Lights

Technifex can create a wide range of Specialty Lighting Effects. Projection and lighting are two of the most versatile media available to Technifex designers. Video, film and large-format slides can be used to project scenery; abstract or supernatural images on a variety of surfaces, outdoors or inside a controlled environment. Black light, lasers, fiber optics, neon, arc lighting, liquid crystal display technologies set a mood, attract attention or animate a static prop or set.

  • Water/Mist Screen Projections
  • Fiber Optics
  • Lighting Effects using Blacklight, LCD, Electro Luminescence and other lighting technologies